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Register today for The One-on-One Mentorship & Divine Mastermind and receive INSTANT access to the masterclass on unleashing your life’s purpose, reprogram your subconscious, and manifesting your dreams!

This Includes:

12 Weekly One-on-One Mentorship: This includes an initial 3-hour intensive and weekly one-hour subconscious sessions personalized for your specific breakthroughs in your personal and professional life along with coaching sessions in the realm of money and wealth, relationships and love, health and wellness, purpose and calling.

12 Weekly Divine Mastermind Online Sessions: Dr. Erin Fall Haskell’s transformational mastermind consisting of twelve weekly zoom group calls and weekly online lessons. This strategic step-by-step leadership training program includes coaching distinctions, creating your life purpose statements, strategic goal planning, leadership and mastery skills. It is packed with transformational lessons on presence, passion, and purpose. Shift into a wealth mindset and embody leadership skills. Take a quantum leap in your personal and business life. (Value of $1,997)

2- Hour Intensive Online Summit Lesson: This breakthrough intensive summit lesson (at the end of each 12-week mastermind) consists of measuring your results and powerfully launching you and your message out into the world. (Value of $997)

Bonus #1: Subconscious Masterclass! (Clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars for this profound material). Includes powerful session of reprogramming and commanding your subconscious mind. You will be taken step-by-step in creating your personal Life Vision, Life Mission Statement, and Daily Spiritual Practice. You will learn how to powerfully reprogram your subconscious through meditation, mindfulness, power of your word, visioning, intuition, and affirmations. (Value of $10,000).

Bonus #2: 30-Day Prosperity is a thirty-day transformational program. Each day; wake up to an inspirational talk to set your mind straight on spiritual truth. Master Your wealth mindset and skill set with Prosperity coaching lessons. Expand your consciousness with guided meditations and visualizations. Feel supported in the 30-Day Prosperity Private Facebook group. Almost 100 Videos and Audios!

Bonus #3: Expert Interviews who are highly successful in the realm of Money, Health, Relationships, and Creative Expression. Guests include topics on how to be a successful Published Author, Podcaster, YouTuber, on-line Business Owner, Social Media personality, and more! (Value $499)

Bonus #4: Soul Societe Mastermind Private VIP Facebook Group: You are cordially invited into this powerful community of like-minded extraordinary people for support and community. If you want to change your life, change your environment and the people you surround yourself with. (Priceless!) 

Enroll TODAY before these bonuses are no longer available!



What People Are Saying:

“Grab your goals by the balls and enroll in Erin Fall Haskell's weekly Mastermind! It's completely changed my life!”

Mark David Logan

“Only 3 weeks into The Divine Mastermind course and my transformation has been truly incredible! I'm gaining a deeper understanding of myself and of the Universal Laws. I'm opening myself up to my higher self and to the infinite power that is unfolding within me bringing me joy in all areas of my life...It's priceless; the best investment In myself that I have ever made in my life! I am deeply grateful to Erin for being my spiritual teacher and mentor; for reaching out to me with her divine wisdom and precious love. She is always there for me and at one within...such perfect peace and a gift for life! ❤️”

Christine Stawart

“Erin Fall Haskell will transform your life with her wisdom and leadership, about finding yourself, connecting with others and living a fulfilled life.”

Liz Lira

“Erin's extraordinary coaching transformed my life within a few sessions. Her experience and knowledge in both business as well as the spiritual realm along with her remarkable ability to listen, understand and provide ideas, have added years to my life. Through working with Erin I have drastically increased my productive output, gained clarity in my personal and professional journeys and significantly reduced stress. Erin's work has had a deep impact in my day to day life. Thank you Erin”

Ruben Torres - Financial Advisor, USB Financial Services

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Due Now $5,000.00 USD

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